Middleton Lab

Integrative Anatomy

University of Missouri

The lab is part of the Integrative Anatomy group in the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences at the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

Our research focuses on vertebrate musculoskeletal physiology, form, and function in the contexts of animal locomotion and evolution. We integrate studies across multiple scales from micro-scale structural materials of bone to macro-scale whole bone morphology to evolutionary changes across vertebrate taxa and with comparisons to extinct organisms.

Lab Members

Lab Info


Middleton Lab

Integrative Anatomy

Principal Investigator


Kevin Middleton

Associate Professor

Functional morphology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Bayesian inference, Statistical teaching

Undergraduate Researchers

Josh Fajardo

Undergraduate researcher

Locomotor kinematics in mice, Machine learning

Lab Alumni


Alida Bailleul

Postdoctoral Researcher 2015-2018

Paleontology, Histology, Identification of tissues in the fossil record


Brittney Coats

MS, 2012

Energy regulation, Inflammatory role of adipose tissue

Katie Johnson

MS, 2012

Feather biomechanics, Hummingbird vocal learning

Susan Lujan

MS, 2012

Skeletal development in Alligator, Role of oxygen in skeletal form and function


Sarah Peacock

PhD, 2019

Effects of light on bone phenotypes, Modern human variation, Human cranio-facial morphology, Forensic anthropology


Amanda Smolinsky

PhD, 2018

Skeletal evolution, Locomotor evolution in vertebrates, Effects of loading on bone phenotypes, Functional morphology


Bone Structure and Biomechanics

Effects of exercise and artificial selection on skeletal morphology and bone mechanics

Dinosaur Cranial Function and Evolution

Understanding the evolution of head structure and function

-oxic Alligator bone

Effects of altered oxygen levels on bone structure in alligators

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