Clinical Human Anatomy

My main teaching activity at the University of Missouri is in the MU School of Medicine. I am part of a large group of faculty and graduate trainees who teach first year clinically oriented human anatomy to first-year medical students. In the past I have taught our undergraduate pre-health Human Anatomy lecture and lab courses. I was involved in transitioning these large human anatomy lecture and lab courses to a “flipped classroom” format with clinical context.

Statistical Inference and Data Analysis

I have been teaching statistics and data analysis for life sciences periodically for the last few years. I’m a strong believer in demystifying analysis (particularly using R and/or python) and in teaching students reproducible research. Dr. Elizabeth King (MU Biological Sciences) and I co-developed a graduate course in quantitative methods for life sciences students. It is freely available online.

Collaborating with Randall Pruim (Calvin College), I co-developed an R package (abd) to accompany the first edition of The Analysis of Biological Data by Michael Whitlock and Dolph Schluter.